A Little Chaos - RVH Film NightA Little Chaos

UK  CERT  12A,  1h  54m

Directed  by:  Alan  Rickman

Starring:  Kate  Winslett,  Matthias  Schoenaerts,  Alan  Rickman,  Stanley  Tucci,  Helen   McCrory,  Jennifer  Ehle,  Danny  Webb




Doors open 7:00pm, Film 7:30 £6, Supper 9:30 £6, wine £11/bottle

Pay at the door, but last bookings 1200 Sunday 15th November

Bookings: filmnight@rockbournevillagehall.org.uk or phone: Lucy Matthews 01725 518695

A stunningly beautiful film, as befits its subject…the building of the gardens at Versailles for King Louis XIV, played by the superb actor Alan Rickman, who also directed the movie which was produced and photographed by highly talented women. A film about gardening, shot mostly at stately homes in the Home Counties, Rockbourne will love this! But A Little Chaos is above all a highly romantic drama as Sabine, the peerless Kate Winslet, tries to overcome class barriers to win over the court’s renowned landscape artist André Le Nôtre, a return to film night by Belgian actor Mattias Schoenaerts (Gabriel Oaks in ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’). Beautiful gardens, Kate, Alan and Mattias, and a little sex; it’s all there in this thoroughly enjoyable film. Come and brighten up a dark November evening at Versailles amid the plants, costumes and fabulous scenery.

John Crome

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