Film Night - Argo


Directed by and starring:
Ben Affleck

USA, Cert 15, 2hr 00min

BAFTA London: Best film
OSCAR Hollywood: Best film

Film £5 Supper £5. Doors and bar open 7:00pm, Film 7:30, Supper 9:45
Please book latest by Sunday 17th March – pay at the door
Bookings: or phone: Lucy Matthews 01725 518695

Quite simply the most entertaining film for years. Without much violence, no car chases, no explosions no reliance on special effects, just non-stop toe curling tension ARGO is a delightful, thrilling, funny…. and believe it or not true story. As you all will know it has just won the Oscar for best film, following the same accolade from the BAFTAS in London. But this is not one of those films that the professionals like more than the general public, on the contrary, just ask anybody who has seen it. This is my second favourite film of the year.
During the Iranian revolution in 1979 a group of Americans was held hostage in their embassy. This is the, I repeat, true story of how they were smuggled out by pretending to be making a movie. To ensure that they are believed, the whole edifice of a really stupid sounding film is constructed with the aid of two Hollywood veterans hilariously played by Alan Arkin and John Goodman. Ben Affleck plays the leading role and also directs the film brilliantly. And….don’t miss the coda featuring President Jimmy Carter who validates the veracity of what you have just been watching.

John Crome

Next film on 17th April – Gambit or Quartet depending on availability