Film Night – Sometimes Always Never

Film Night - Sometimes Always Never

2018 Comedy/Drama – 91 mins, Cert 12A

Director: Carl Hunter

Starring: Bill Nighy, Alice Lowe,

Jenny Agutter, Sam Riley

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Released in February 2019, SOMETIMES ALWAYS NEVER is a British comedy drama, in which a father searches for his son, who walked out on the family years before after an argument about a game of Scrabble.


If you are a habitual three button suit jacket wearer, as I am sure we all are, then you will know the etiquette from top to bottom: you may, according to fashion and style of jacket, sometimes do up the top button, but always use the middle button for its original purpose, that is to be a button; however never, under any circumstances, button up the bottom button which is there for one purpose – to be the third button. None of which will come as any surprise if you are in the expert hands of master-tailor, the immaculate Alan played in this delightfully whimsical British film by that master of “ever so humble” hand wringing, Bill Nighy.

However, in ‘Sometimes Always Never’ Alan is in charge. He is searching for his son who disappeared while playing a game of Scrabble – (in my view a game that is both the waste of a good education and time). As usual with good comedy, there is an underlying sense of peril and potential tragedy, beautifully handled by Nighy and supported by Jenny Agutter, sans wimple, and Sam Riley as the non-disappeared son Peter.

With his family torn apart, Alan must repair the relationship with Peter and solve the mystery of the online player whom Alan thinks might be Michael, so that he can finally move on to reunite his family.

A suspenseful, quasi-thriller with outstanding performances. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words.

John Crome

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