Youth Movie 21 Sept 16Youth

2015 – 2hr 1min – Cert 15

Directed by: Paolo Sorrentino

Starring: Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weiss




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A heartfelt and sentimental film about larger than life oldies; friends yearning for their past golden years of youth. Michael Caine has never been better than here as a retired orchestra conductor and Harvey Keitel, as a self-indulgent film director well past his prime, manages to steal every scene that he is in. Paul Dano (Pierre in the BBCs War and Peace) quivers with insecurity as a young actor. The serene Rachel Weisz is as gorgeous as ever as Caine’s daughter. It all takes place amid wonderful Swiss scenery. Maestro director Paolo Sorrentino, pulls off a minor miracle of company acting juggling a superb cast of superb characters in a satisfying comedy of manners. John Crome

Doors open 7:00pm, Film 7:30 £6, Supper 9:45 £6, wine £11/bottle
Pay at the door, last bookings 1200 Sunday 18th September
(in the event of full bookings, those who cancel late or fail to show up may be asked to pay in full)
Next film October 19th: Florence Foster Jenkins (tbc)

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