Florence Foster Jenkins - Film NightFlorence Foster Jenkins

2016 – 1hr 48min – Cert PG

Directed by: Stephen Frears

Starring: Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant




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With his films ‘The Queen’ and ‘Philomena’, British director Stephen Frears showed an intelligent and unsentimental sympathy for mature single minded women, and has made thoroughly entertaining films which have been very popular with our Rockbourne film night audiences.

The film is based on the real life of a New York heiress and patron of the arts. Florence loved music and loved to sing and dreamt of becoming an opera singer, but she had no musical ability whatsoever. Nerveless she was blessed with pots of money, so in 1944 she hired Carnegie Hall to fulfill her dream. She loved to perform and became an unwitting musical clown, filling auditoriums with incredulous punters. Florence is played with hilarious comic effect by the magnificent Meryl Streep, sustaining the comedy throughout the film.

The ever-charming Hugh Grant is also brilliant as her doting husband St Clair Bayfield. Grant’s charisma and skill as an actor remarkably turn the adulterous scoundrel, who starts by milking the deluded Florence, into a devoted and loving husband.

A warm hearted entertaining film that I have no doubts you will all enjoy.                       John Crome

Doors open 7:00pm, Film 7:30 £6, Supper 9:30 £6, wine £11/bottle
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